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What makes MotaCoin different?

MotaCoin has adopted the approach of the Ripple and Stellar, when it comes to recruiting new businesses to their platform. Ripple and Stellar both had pre-mined an amount of coins that is being given to relevant businesses in their target industries. For Ripple and Stellar, that means banks.

We liked that idea so much, we decided to apply that novel approach to MotaCoin!

We've set ourselves apart from our competitors, due to the fact that there will be a 10 million coin premine with the sole purpose of industry adoption. No other marijuana coin has any amount of coins with the expressed intent of giving them away to the target industry: Marijuana Dispensaries. If you have been watching the marijuana altcoin market for years, as I have, you undoubtedly noticed that the entire sector seemingly froze. Very little progress toward mainstream adoption. You rarely, if ever, hear about dispensaries accepting these coins as payment. And in my opinion, the reason for that is this: Dispensary owners are going to want a stake in it. If they are going to train their staff on how to use crypto, in terms of point-of-sale commerce, then they are definitely going to want to make sure they have enough of that coin to make the trouble worthwhile. I haven't seen any other marijuana coin that sets aside pre-mined coins with the sole purpose of giving away to dispensaries in order to give them incentive to join the network. MotaCoin is the only one in our sector doing this.

How is that going to work exactly?
Each dispensary will be offered tiered packages
The terms of each package will be put together in a contract. The terms are listed below.

Tier 1 Package100,000 MotaCoin
  • Acceptance of MotaCoin as payment
  • Place our MotaCoin banner on business's homepage
  • Allow a MotaCoin poster to be hung within view of the main area of business
  • Allow a brochure box to placed next to their Point of Sale terminal
  • Note: Each time a dispensary signs on, there will be a public announcement.

Tier 2 Package75,000 MotaCoin
  • Acceptance of MotaCoin as payment
  • Place our MotaCoin banner on business's homepage
  • Allow a brochure box to placed next to their Point of Sale terminal

Tier 3 Package50,000 MotaCoin
  • Acceptance of MotaCoin as payment
  • Place our MotaCoin banner on business's homepage

Tier 4 Package25,000 MotaCoin
  • Acceptance of MotaCoin as payment

Algorithm: X-13

Proof of Stake: 6% - 12% (6% until block 1,234,509 | 12% from then on)

Proof of Work: PoW mining rewards until block 1,234,509 [/size]

Coin Supply100 million + PoS Inflation

Launch Date: We are live as of March 18th 2018!

Raspberry Pi

We're launching this project from the belly of the beast. Los Angeles, California.

Launching from Los Angeles provides the MotaCoin project with a decisive advantage. That advantage is a blend of culture, diversity, and most of all...tons of marijuana dispensaries. To give you an idea of what we're looking at, take a peek through the lens of

This is just a small fraction of the playing field available for the MotaCoin team. With this magnitude of dispensaries available, there are countless opportunities to be grasped and limitless possibilities to be explored. Take the sheer numbers of weed retailers combine it with the cultural phenomena that is cryptocurrency, and it will deliver in creating an opportunity most people couldn't dream up.

Think about it, of all the industries that blockchain technology is affecting, which among them has a greater need for decentralized payment systems than the emerging recreational marijuana market. The Los Angeles marijuana market is being taken by storm given the recent legalization approved by US citizens. This legalization doesn't solve all of the marijuana markets problems though. The banking aspect of these businesses has typically not looked very bright. However, with the introduction of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, the entire payment infrastructure is being innovated. The need for decentralized payment systems with these marijuana retailers is becoming increasingly apparent as time moves forward.

We have a unique approach toward recruiting dispensaries to join the MotaCoin network. Unique in a sense that no other marijuana coins have tried, but not unique in the sense that it's been tried and tested by both Stellar and Ripple. Both of those coins premined amounts of coin with the sole purpose of giving it away to industry leaders and players. That's what we're doing. We're premining a large portion of coins to be given to dispensaries at no cost, as incentive for them to join the network and experiment with our new payment tech. Not only are we giving away coins to dispensaries, we also have a sizable portion of coin that is destined for air drops and give aways.

How will the Proof of Work coins be released?

All 46,900,000 MotaCoin will be released as follows:
RewardUp To Block Number
   0.42    10,000
     75    61,742
     65    123,484
     55    185,226
     50    246,968
     47    308,710
     44    370,452
     41    432,194
     39    493,936
     37    555,678
     35    617,420
     33    679,162
     32    740,904
     31    802,646
     30    864,388
     29    926,130
     28    987,872
     27    1,049,614
     26    1,111,356
     25    1,173,098
    21.81    1,234,509


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